A Place of Encounter

KARL München - Business Lounge
Optionally, a lounge-bar for informal meetings can be installed within KARL
During the development of KARL, we asked ourselves what contribution an office site needs to make in order to fully unfold its users’ potential and how the surroundings influence corporate culture.

KARL offers numerous places of encounter, which continuously stimulate people to meet and communicate with each other. KARL becomes a friendly place with high workplace and sojourn quality. It inspires its users to collaborate, be innovative, build relationships and share knowledge. We are convinced that creativity and innovation are not individual activities.
"The challenge is to turn the office into a ’destination’ - somewhere that people want to go.“ Erol Aziz, KPMG London
KARL München - Gartenhof - Ort der Kommunikation und Begegnung
The garden courtyard becomes a lively place of communication and encounter
In the war for talents, the place of business takes on an increasingly crucial role. It more and more becomes a selection criterion in job search.

With KARL, we create a place with a soul, a place you like to go, with a strong identity that employees can identify with. KARL will connect talents, support them to develop ideas and inspire them to shape the future. Thereby, KARL as a domicile is attractive to very different talents.

KARL München - Open Space
The open-space areas promote a much more frequent encounter among people. KARL thus facilitates exchange and collaboration as important drivers of innovation