KARL‘s 'village square'

KARL München - Gartenhof Dorfplatz
The heart of KARL is the garden courtyard designed by Enzo Enea. It becomes a lively place of communication and encounter
Enzo Enea is more than an award-winning landscape architect with offices in Rapperswil-Jona, Zurich, Miami and New York. A passionate tree collector, he has created a worldwide unique tree museum with over 3,000 exclusive trees and shrubs in a breathtakingly beautiful 180 acres park on the upper shores of Lake Zurich in Rapperswil-Jona. With the Tree Museum he has expressed his vision of a carefully curated interaction of landscape, botany, architecture, art and design.
KARL München - Enzo Enea, Landschaftsarchitekt
Enzo Enea, award-winning landscape architect
KARL München - Gartenhof Skizze
A hand-drawn sketch for KARL by Enzo Enea
“The KARL garden courtyard with its high recreational quality becomes a meeting place. A kind of modern village square for the knowledge workers of tomorrow.” Enzo Enea
KARL München - Innenhof - Dining
Zoning creates spaces for retreat and encounters
The heart of KARL, the urban garden designed by Swiss landscape architect Enzo Enea on an area totalling about 17,000 sq ft., offers high recreational value. This lively place of communication and encounter is conceived as a contemporary village square that each employee crosses daily on their way to the office.

Permanently installed external seats between yew arbours as well as flexible seating invite users to linger, while intelligent zoning offers both retreat and informal meeting spaces. At KARL, the focus is on people and nature.

A striking solitary tree, which has grown in the region and is planted in the inner courtyard of KARL, and magnolias that bloom in the spring render the seasons tangible within KARL. As an evergreen base, gently curved yew hedges form an attractive contrast to the modern practicality of Chipperfield‘s architecture.

The garden courtyard offers office users relaxing views of greenery. A large water basin combined with the lush vegetation provides a healthy micro-climate

KARL München - Innenhof - Eibenhecke
Curved yew hedges form an attractive contrast to the modern practicality of Chipperfield's architecture
KARL München - Gartehof Innenhof
Water and plants provide a healthy micro-climate that ventilates the offices